In My Room: The Inner Life of Teen Girls (2007)


“In My Room is a poignant and intensely personal portrayal of the challenges and triumphs of growing up female in suburban America.”

– JoEllen Fisherkeller, Professor, New York University. Author, Growing up on Television; Everyday Learning Among Young Adolescents.  


“A remarkably honest and compelling journey into the minds and lives of teenage girls.”

– Paul Hardart, Partner, Adirondack Pictures. Former President, Focus Features.

Synopsis: Entering their teens, Ana, Sherri, and Rachel have strong ideas about who they are and what they believe.  Over a period of three years, the girls’ youthful views change and develop as they navigate increasing peer pressures, emerging desires, and family expectations.  Told exclusively in their own voices, IN MY ROOM captures the complex process of these three girls discovering their identities and then learning to stay true to them.

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